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Our Story

A note from the Founder

"I am thrilled to introduce Lab Nation to the Australian market. Lab Nation was born of my desire to declutter our busy skincare routines, with the intention to reduce overconsumption and move away from the overrated concept of multilayering. While developing the range, I was aiming to create truly luxurious, minimalist unisex skin care that supports skin health with minimal products whilst also supporting a healthier planet. This range is designed for busy and conscious individuals that are seeking efficient skincare solutions with minimum fuss. You will notice that our products are double the size of any other similar products on the market. There are two reasons for this; first is the conscious effort to minimise the packaging waste by trying to reduce the consumption of small size packaged products often; and second is reinforcing the unisex messaging - our products are designed for all genders and can be easily shared.”



Less is more. We break common constructs and norms of the skincare industry. Our minimalist approach means you need fewer products to maintain your skin health. We believe the world of skincare should be inclusive and uncomplicated.  With our minimalist philosophy, you'll discover that fewer products are all you need to achieve radiant and healthy skin.


Discover the power of our simple and minimalist skincare solutions that are packed with active ingredients, carefully crafted to provide high-quality, luxurious results for both men and women. Embrace the minimalist beauty of our range, formulated, made, and packaged in Australia.


Our products are developed to be unique. Before going into production, our product formulations are assessed and approved by a team of professional chemists.  This meticulous process ensures that each product is of the highest quality, delivering exceptional results that you can trust.

Our commitment to quality and your skin's well-being is unwavering, which is why we choose to go above and beyond industry standards by conducting thorough preservative and stability testing.

We are committed to produce only the highest quality products using natural ingredients. We value full transparency and believe that sharing our ingredients is important. 


Our products are cruelty free. We prioritize testing on humans, not animals, and steer clear of harmful ingredients like artificial colours or bleaches, artificial fragrances, aluminium/alumina, mineral oils, sulphates, silicones, steroids, petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates, vinyls, PEGs, PPG, DEAS, TEA and more. Discover the full list of skin-loving ingredients in our Lab Nation Glossary.


We want to take part in protecting our planet. We are committed to continuously re-assessing our processes with sustainability at the forefront of all Lab Nation processes.

  • Our packaging comes in medical grade, high quality glass.
  • All ingredients are from sustainable resources.
  • Products are designed to cover all the essential skincare needs, reducing overconsumption and waste.
  • All packages are delivered in 100% kraft paper packaging.
  • Packaging is kept to the bare minimum to reduce unnecessary waste.

Packaging choice 

We made the conscious choice to package our products in glass not plastic. There are many reasons why we choose glass:

  • Unlike plastic, glass is chemically inert, ensuring the compatibility with any beauty product, including highly unstable natural skincare formulations. 
  • There is no risk of harmful chemicals getting into the products that are packed in glass.
  • No additional barriers or additives are needed to protect the product.
  • Glass used for cosmetic packaging is made from natural and sustainable materials such as sand, limestone and soda ash. 

A glass bottle or jar is 100% pure glass. Another unique and desirable aspect of glass is that it can be infinitely recycled without any deterioration in its properties.